Kensington Market

In 1976 Rushab's dad and his two brothers set up a stall in Kensington Market, selling a unique fusion of Indian and western clothing. They imported and exported clothing for over 18 years from India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal.


Portobello Road

Having traded successfully in the Market, the brothers set up shop on Portobello Road under the brand name Fusion, occuping 3 permanent spaces; designing new styles and supplying fashion retailers, theatre productions and A-listers.


Portobello Vintage Market came online

Now in retirement, the brothers closed the doors on Portobello and passed on their legacy to the next generation online.

Rushab partnered with old friend Holly in May 2020 to rebuild Portobello Vintage Market out of the remaining stock pile of vintage and deadstock pieces. Holly’s passion for sustainable clothing took her away from her full time job to persue a new path in curating and managing the redistribution of these timeless treasures that would otherwise have been destined for landfill.


Festival/Market Trading

Roll forward to today, and we've gone full circle. Occupying stalls at markets and festivals, enjoying the delights of meeting our customers in the flesh and ensuring our pieces fall into the right hands for the next phase of their lives.